Carole S. Rajan, LCSW


Seeking help for mental health issues can be scary and challenging. Carole Rajan understands these feelings and can help overcome the fear and stress of entering therapy.

Carole Rajan, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) has been in private practice in Palm Beach County for over 20 years. She has helped countless adults and children overcome mental health challenges and live fuller and happier lives.

Carole has experience working with people at all stages of life, especially children and adolescents. She uses a variety of approaches, including play therapy and family and marital therapies. She will work with you and your family to find the approach that works best for your individual situation. When children and teens need help, most success is experienced when the whole family is involved. Carole will help identify and coach each family member in their role in supporting the progress of the client.  

Carole is well-respected by other professionals in the community, having trained school psychologists in family systems theory, run in-services for clinical staff of in-patient psychiatric hospitals, and consulted with legal professionals on a variety of issues for their clients.

Carole has led many training sessions for parents of oppositional children, and has positively impacted families who have previously had no hope.

Carole was born and raised in the Midwest and received her master’s degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. She is the mother of one adult son. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, learning new things, and spending time with friends and family.

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